Posted by Niki Dec - 1 - 2016

advertising in tampa flThe time has arrived! The trees are going up, the stockings are above the fireplace and holiday music is playing on just about every single radio station. For retail and service marketers however, the holiday planning has been well underway. The good news is that if you haven’t started, it’s not too late! There are still things you can do to help give you a leg up this holiday season.

1. Use last year’s information.

The best thing you can do this year is to learn from yourself in the previous years. What did you do last year that kicked some serious holiday butt and what did you do that you wish you could have avoided all together? See how you can take the information and data from last year’s holiday promotions and how you can use it towards your advantage this year.

2. Step up your creatives.

A little thing called ‘creative fatigue’ happens when your customers start seeing the same ads over and over again whether it’s on social media, online re-marketing or even in print version. This holiday season, make sure to constantly tweak your ads so they become new and fresh to the consumer’s eyes.

3. Say hello to videos. marketing-in-tampa-fl

Did you know that people who are able to view your product or service in a video are 2 times more likely to make a purchase? Use the power of video through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook to give your ad the extra boost it needs.

4. Don’t just talk to your customers, think like your customers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. If you were them, what would make you dive into a purchase with your company during the holidays? Remember, people don’t just hop onto Instagram to see advertisements. Spice up your advertisements this season and have fun with them to create something with a more story-telling type of feel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback you receive.

5. Turn on the power of a gift guide.

How many times have you had that conversation with a friend or family member that says, “what should I get for so-and-so?” Let your company be an influencer by guiding them towards your products. Showcase what you could get for mom or husband, child or significant other.

We get it, there are a million things to be thinking about during the holiday season. Know that it’s not too late to start advertising. Believe us, there are always going to be those last-minute people who are shopping the day before their big holiday party. Need help with your advertising in the Tampa Bay area for the holidays? Call or email Cigar City Marketing to talk to one of our branding, marketing and advertising professionals today!

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