Posted by Niki Nov - 7 - 2012

I just visited a local Tijuana Flats and witnessed first -hand the power of local store marketing. They were holding a promotion to boost sales while rockin’ the vote. The promotion went off with flying colors – red, white, and blue colors to be exact.

The premise of the promotion was simple. Show up with your “I Voted” sticker and a get a free appetizer. Customers were lined up out the door donning their stickers and awaiting their free chips and queso.

Promotions of this type are often successful in attracting customers, but what impressed me most was the way the servers handled the over-abundance of people. What looked like a recipe for disaster with rushed lunch diners instead became an opportunity for this brand to shine.   As people stood in the Florida sun waiting to be served, the employees were outside taking drink orders and talking up the promotion.  Instead of angry diners, they created happy diners eager to wait as each guest was offered a free drink for their patience.

With the exorbitant amount of dining choices available, it’s imperative that brands be at their best at all times, especially during special promotions and peak dining hours. To ensure repeat visits, restaurants need not only serve a good product, but serve good service!

With years of experience with local store marketing, Cigar City Marketing can help ensure that your brand will be equipped with both the promotional idea and crew preparation needed for a successful sales and traffic driving event. So give us a call. Let’s light it up!


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