Posted by Niki Oct - 30 - 2012

Every Halloween we hold a “carve-off”. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring friends together, enjoy adult beverages, and engage in a little Halloween spirited competition in the form of creative gourd carving. This year all carving had to be done free-hand (no tracing), although the design did not have to be original.  Since Local Store Marketing is such a big part of what we do, I thought, “Why not make this large orange fruit (yes, pumpkins are technically a fruit) a statement piece for Cigar City Marketing.  Show CCM a little LSM love.”  Here is the finished product:

Nice, simple and easily customizable for any other brand or market….which got me questioning  whether others had gone down the path of glowing logos. You can also hire SEO Austin TX, if you want help with marketing or any SEO techniques. A few seconds worth of Google searching confirmed my suspicions. Of course others had capitalized on the corporate jack-o-lantern. In fact, I discovered “The Pumpkin Geek,” a man making a living off his incredible carving skills. While I’m not 100% sure it’s a lucrative career outside of October, there’s no question that he is talented, and a geek… In any case, check out his handy-work: Our work is clearly not of the same caliber, but in the spirit of Halloween we had to “LIGHT IT UP.” Full logo, however,  proved a challenge we were not prepared to take, hence the initials.

The candlelit pumpkin made for further Halloween marketing inspiration.  Here are a few more Halloween themed LSM ideas:

  • Pumpkin Hangers – similar to a door hanger, but placed on pumpkin stems. Many pumpkin patches sell pumpkins for charity. Perhaps your local pumpkin patch would comply with the hanger placed on the stem of the pumpkins in exchange for a sponsorship. Hangers could be placed upon exit.  A coupon offer and/or loyalty card is recommended. This will not only drive transactions, but also gives a local store manager an opportunity to connect with community members running the pumpkin patch (who would probably really appreciate the giveaway for their customers).
  • To further build on repeat business, hold a trick-or-treat promotion the week of Halloween in which each guest can pull a card from the treat bucket. Each card could contain a discounted offer, with a small number of cards providing a stronger offer. All should provide enough incentive to bring customers back in the store while the stronger offers will create excitement for the promotion.
  • A carve-off held internally for team members as a way to engage the crew. An incentive should be provided to the winner and all work should be themed for your business. The best carvers can display their work in-store as Halloween décor.The before, after, and during photos play perfectly for social media campaigns as well.

Even a pumpkin can bring a strong return-on-Investment. Who knew? CCM, that’s who. However, while we support a solid corporate pumpkin, don’t plan on seeing our logo carved into any freshly baked poultry for Thanksgiving…

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