What’s in a Name? History. Inspiration. Beer?

In case you have been lying awake at night, unable to sleep even a wink due to the intense curiosity as to why we chose the name “Cigar City Marketing”, you are not alone! (My mother also inquired). So allow us to shed some light on the topic…

The three founders of Cigar City Marketing were each born and raised outside the state of Florida. An unlikely trio with one from Nebraska, one from Wisconsin, and the final from South Carolina. Beef, Cheese, and Southern charm? On second thought perhaps it’s a perfect trio.

In any case, as the three partners embarked on the new venture, many names were considered… however, it was Tampa that brought us together, which made our location an important ingredient. Researching the history of the area we made several discoveries – important discoveries such as Cigar City Brewing Company. Hmm, not a bad discovery either… But beyond the beer, cigars, and nightlife the area also has an interesting and inspirational past.

According to the Ybor City Museum Society, Don Vincente Martinez Ybor was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1818. He later moved to Havana and by 1853 he founded his first cigar factory. In 1869 he moved his factory to Key West due to the labor unrest in Cuba. But Key West was not perfect either as there was a lack of transportation. Third time was a charm as Ybor then made his final move to Tampa in1885.

One year prior to his move to Tampa the railroad had been completed making it an ideal location to set up shop. Ybor was responsible for truly developing the area now known as Ybor City, constructing a mass of worker’s cottages also known as shotgun houses.

Other factory owners also provided housing for workers however Ybor was the only industrialist that allowed his workers to purchase the homes. This created a stable work force as the employees were more likely to stay in Tampa. Additionally, it provided them a sense of self-respect. The area of Ybor City later became known as Cigar City due to its past as the world’s largest producer of hand-rolled cigars. Even today there is many a cigar shop where one can await a custom hand-rolled cigar.

Cigar City Marketing found inspiration in this tale of cigar glory and like Ybor himself, we also offer our employees housing. We then lock them inside so they can work on our client’s projects until perfection. We want them to feel that sense of self-respect. Kidding.

But much like the cigar shops known to the area, we also provide a customized product – the marketing plan. Call CCM today and we’ll start strategizing how we can help you light up your sales and smoke your competition. That’s how we roll…