Posted by Niki Dec - 26 - 2016

branding-agency-in-tampaThere is a common saying in the industry that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ which can’t be further from the truth. With social media networking on the rise, the transferring of information is instantaneous. The minute your business does something wrong in the public eye, you can expect for it to spread like wild fire because nobody loves something more than an online train wreck.

Waiting for a crisis to blow over in the social media world is never an option. The number one rule is to never ignore a crisis or else it will likely grow worse due to the public believing you simply just don’t care enough to do anything about it. Keep your company’s reputation in tact with these 4 simple social media crisis tactics.

1. Have a Premeditative Plan in Place

When a crisis arises, you will ultimately be losing out on time and money. Having a plan in place for various hypothetical scenarios will help you to take full control of any situation if and when the crisis may happen.

2. Create a Crisis or Help Center

Having a centralized place for customers and stakeholders to go to when a crisis arise will help to keep an issue organized. When General Motors had a recall on their vehicles due to faulty ignition switches, the business created a stand-alone website which acted as the central location for all of their FAQs, a step-by-step explanation of the problems as well as answers about where and how to get the help.

3. Con2017-marketingtinually Monitor the Crisis

Just because you’ve managed to keep the fire tame, doesn’t mean it’s gone out. Make sure you are staying on top of all of your social media channels, message boards, forums and other platforms to ensure that your customer’s aren’t feeling neglected when they share their concerns throughout the duration of the crisis.

4. Own Up To Your Mistakes

Just like we said before, the number one rule of any type of crisis within a business is to never ignore it. Always own up to your mistakes, even if you aren’t the one to blame. Creating a public statement that is shared throughout your social platforms in a timely manner will help save the face of your company. Don’t be defensive in your apology and don’t try to justify your actions, but most importantly don’t try to hide from the criticism.

Overall, social media crises can be detrimental to your business. But with the right tactics in place it can be salvageable and even sometimes can be rewarding for your business if handled correctly in the public eye. It’s about being proactive and keeping an open line of communication with your customers and clientele.

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