Posted by Niki Nov - 9 - 2016

holiday-advertising-in-tampaAs we all know, one of the biggest shopping days of the year that comes to mind is Black Friday. Everyone is preparing for the mass amount of people lining up at their local stores for their midnight deals. With the surge of the internet wave, another day has come alongside as one of the largest shopping days of the year: Cyber Monday.

With over 127 million shoppers last year, online retailers are taking advantage of this opportunity to market to their customers in an entirely different way. What can your business do to prepare for this mega-shopping day?

Can Your Website Handle the Traffic?

With Cyber Monday being a huge day, it means that your website will probably experience more traffic than you are used to. Make sure that your website is able to handle the incoming flow of traffic without slow load times. If it takes too long for your site to load, the likelihood of a customer jumping to another site is pretty high. Talk to your web host or web master to make sure that your site is prepared.

What Will Your Cyber Monday Deals Be?

Capitalize on the event of Cyber Monday. What will your promotions be to incentivize customers to visit your site versus someone else? With that in mind, make sure to stock up on products as needed for your projected sales as well as market any Cyber Monday deals on services you may be providing.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Did you know that last year, over 25 million people shopped on Cyber Monday using a mobile device? If your website isn’t mobile friendly, guess who won’t be shopping on your site? You guessed it. A majority of people won’t even take the time to try to work through a website that isn’t mobile friendly and will move along to another site that is. Be adaptable towards all types of platforms like cell phones and tablets to prepare for any type of user that may come across your page.

advertising-in-tampa-cyber-mondayPhotos Are Key!

Take a quick video or photo of the product or service you are providing. The more engaging your website and products are, the higher your chance of someone taking the time to make the purchase. Have multiple colors or options? Share photos of each option. The more visual you can get, the better!

Break Your E-Commerce Site!

Now this one may seem a little strange. Why would you want to break your e-commerce site? You’ll be making multiple changes to prepare your website for Cyber Monday, but making sure you take the time to test each of the links, making dummy purchases, and other transaction processes to make sure you can work out any of the kinks and quirks before the big day. You won’t want to fix something on the day of because it could lead to the potential loss of customers.

There are a lot of ways to maximize your profits and customer base during the holiday season. Making sure your website is prepared for Cyber Monday is absolutely key in staying on top of the trends. Want to learn about other ways to advertise during the holiday season? Cigar City Marketing in Tampa Bay offers a wide range of professional options to help market your business. Talk to one of our specialists today!

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