Posted by Niki Nov - 11 - 2016

advertising-in-st-petersburg-flOne of the purest forms of advertising and marketing is through the power of word of mouth. Some companies may feel that this form of marketing is dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The concept is that just because word of mouth may not be through a physical conversation, it can also happen through the concept of social media and online reviews.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a new hair salon to go to. Since I was new to my neighborhood, I decided instead of just searching the web for a ‘hair salon near me,’ I would actually go on Facebook and make a post asking my friends and family in the area for the recommendations. The response was huge! I was getting tagged to people’s individual Facebook pages and shown photos from past haircuts they had received from their stylist. From this, I was able to find a new hair salon that was the perfect fit for me through the power of word of mouth. Communication channels have simply evolved over time and it’s important for businesses to understand where that communication is lying when it comes to their audience.Where and how is your audience communicating?

marketing-in-st-petersburg-flWhat about Testimonials?

The answer is YES! Adding testimonials to your advertising campaign is huge. Remember, there are many types of testimonials out there now. Whether you are adding them directly to your website or asking your dedicated customers to share reviews on various third party sites, testimonials are still a significant means of word of mouth in the digital realm.

The way we consume and spread the word has changed over the last several years, but it is far from being dead. With text messaging and newer social media platforms like SnapChat, people are still going to spread the word about your business, just in different formats. Need help working on your branding and marketing techniques? Get your free consultation with Cigar City Marketing in Tampa and learn how you can step outside of your conventional strategies through social media, branding and much more.

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